Jeff Carr

Jeff Carr

Jeff Carr is the editor-in-chief of the Post-Soviet Post, a startup website based at Stanford University. His passions reside where he has: the American West (especially Idaho) and the former Soviet Union (especially Siberia).

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Post-Soviet Post - About

I co-founded this website with a Belarusian journalist here at Stanford, and act as its editor-in-chief. We're just starting out, and preparing for a re-launch in September.

Planting Ideas, Harvesting Solutions

how one farmer/doctoral student aims to end America's dependence on foreign oil

Breaking open the college admission process

author Christine VanDeVelde speaks to deans nationwide in a colossal effort to dispel the anxiety and competition surrounding college admissions

Almanac Q&A: Jane Fonda on life, longevity and activism

an interview with actor and cultural icon Jane Fonda as she tours with her new book on finding balance in old age

liveblogging RT's coverage of the Russian presidential election

the Kremlin's English-language propaganda machine can't contain itself as it hails Putin's return to the presidency

President Stan Albrecht: Five Years In

a retrospective look on the first five years of USU president Stan Albrecht's administration

It Takes a Family to Raise a Village

two USU alumni forge lasting ties in the world's most impoverished nation -- Mozambique

What We Do Here

a column

Taxi companies say: 'No fare'

Two's a crowd?

Photo essay: No ordinary summer